What's That Charge?!

So... you've got a charge on your statement showing oymbill.com and you're not sure what you signed up for?

OnYourMarketing, LLC is the parent company that operates several brands and applications, including, Fuseomatic, AffiliateDash, Fortapay, and BridgeBuddy.

If you have questions about your charge please call us at 512-827-8421.

Find out more about our brands and apps below:


OnYourMarketing helps grow service companies with effective digital marketing strategies.


Fuseomatic helps Keap do more with Keap / Infusionsoft Apps, Integrations, and add-ons.


An easy way to use Keap / Infusionsoft for all your billings and collections.


Built as an Keap / Infusionsoft add-on, AffiliateDash is a referral partner portal that's easy to use, builds your credibility, and helps motivate influencers to share your message far and wide.


Now you can love your gym/studio/spa/salon even more with the power of Keap and MINDBODY combined. We've created a two-way bridge between the two systems, updating and bridging the most recent contact information, purchases, products, classes, attendance, and more.


HVACmarketing.com is a division of OnYourMarketing. It focuses on delivering exceptional marketing results using proven methods for residential home service companies.